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Draupadi Daily

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30 April 1988
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I like books (a little too much), television (WAY too much if you ask my roommates), and hiking around the surprisingly beautiful area of the country I've found myself in after years of dragging my heels about moving here. Oddly enough, I actually like LA. I live with two wonderfully quirky roommates, who provide me with endless entertainment and fodder for my writing, as does my loving sister, a relief worker in Cambodia, always willing to share horror stories about the development world, and my parents, who have declared war on the squirrels in our backyard.

Aside from that, I'm pretty much just a grad student in the big city, with some really awesome friends spread out over the whole country that I miss a lot. I love my life, but I probably should get out more, when the highlight of my week is having friends over to watch Supernatural and giggle every time Cas and Dean stare into each other's eyes soulfully.

Yeah, I definitely need to get out more.